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New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial Association

Honoring Those Who Have Served or Are Serving
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Applications are available at the New Berlin Village Hall, the Library,

and on the Veterans Pavers page!


 New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial

Dedicated July 6, 2013

Remembering All Veterans
Freedom needs constant protection. Over the years many men and women from around the country have answered -and are answering- the call to protect the way of life everyone in this country has enjoyed for over 230 years.
Whether in wartime or peacetime, many men and women have answered the country’s call to service. They are people you either know directly or indirectly. They are relatives, friends, neighbors, fellow church members, and folks down-the-street. They are people whom you know. They may have served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, or Korea. They may be currently serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other part of the world.
There is no residency requirement for
purchasing a Veterans Brick Paver.
All Veterans deserve to be honored!
…Army…Navy…Air Force…Marines…
…Coast Guard…Merchant Marines…
…Active or Reserve…
…Wartime or Peacetime…
...Currently Serving or Retired...
They are people you know!

Pictures and a listing of Sponsors and Contributors
can be found on the Sponsor Page.
Veterans' Service Records may be obtainable by veterans and their next-of-kin.
Visit the National Archives Veterans Service Record page for more information.


Why build one here?
Freedom is not free. It is only with the sacrifices made by current and former service men and women that allow us to live the American way of life. These honored Veterans and their sacrifices need to be remembered. Many Veterans have expressed the desire to relate their stories to their families and the younger generations. They want to be able to point to a brick engraved with their name, or a relative’s name, and tell their children about the person and their sacrifices made. It is only by relating these stories that future generations will know and understand why their aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents fought and defended this country for their families.





Veterans Memorial Park
The New Berlin Village Board has named the area immediately east of the New Berlin Knights of Columbus Hall ‘Veterans Memorial Park’. Thanks to the New Berlin Knights of Columbus, the site will have handicapped accessible off-street parking.








Click here or on the image above to download a brochure on the New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial Association!




Memorial Design
The design of the New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial is a combination of three submitted designs. A statue of an eagle landing with the US flag flying behind will be centered between black granite stones representing each of the branches of service. The stones will have a laser etched image depicting that branch’s contribution to freedom. At the center of the memorial will be the Veterans pavers, each honoring a service member.





Your help is needed for this project! The NBAVMA is requesting donations from individuals, families, organizations, and businesses to help offset the cost of the project. Thanks to many people and businesses, a large portion of the construction materials have been donated. But, funds must be raised for the stonework, flagpoles, and other miscellaneous expenses.





This is to be a Veterans Memorial and not a War Memorial. The intent is to honor the courage and service of those men and women who have served their country.



Veterans’ Pavers
To honor individual Veterans, engraved brick pavers will be the center point of the memorial. A standard-sized black granite brick paver can be purchased and engraved with the name of a service person, their branch of service, and their dates of service. A form specifying the guidelines and the layout is available from any Association member and from the website A number will be placed in the lower right corner of the paver to simplify locating a Veteran’s paver. There is no local residency requirement for inclusion in the Memorial.



Sponsors’ Pavers
Memorials and statements of appreciation to those who have fought for our freedom may be made by purchasing a Sponsor Paver that will be installed at the entrance area of the memorial. These pavers are available in various sizes.

The New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial Association is a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit organization. Donations made to the Association are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


See the Memorial Design Page for more information!

Please contact us with any questions and

revisit our website for more information on this memorial.


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New Berlin Area Veterans Memorial Association

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